A Rather Fast Monday

Alright blogging with mobile again.
Owell, today passed really fast, which is good. And becos I have more work on hand now, I needa do things faster to try to complete the task of the day.
This is a challenge. LOL!
My manager also very smart.
He thought he will be in charge of a ppt that was previously in charged by Azel.
But when he knew Azel taught me how to do it, he said I should practice.

Smart right?

Ok whatever, it will be good that I learn how in case my manager is not around.
I so do not want it to become like the eDM issue last month. *faints*
That was really a disaster. Tskkk~
Plus the other side is not cooperating, FAILED. =_=

Anyway some updates:
– I missed my poly mates. I wanna meet them soon. T^T
– I did some fabric painting today! Shall continue tommorrow so I can sew everything this weekend! 8DDD
– My kucos wig is still not here, NBCB.
– Work is still fine. But carnival sales this month end so gonna work on weekends too. GREAT.
– I am still selling my Cosplay stuffs so please take a look at my tab. I shall have a sales post tml. Hurrr~
– TAOBAO batch order for AFA opened, pls send in orders soon!
– I need to buy shoes. Arghhh my money!!! Care to donate? =x

Ok Im being random.
But omg typing with iPhone is seriously a challenge. Zzzzz.
I am glad Im done with today’s post. Heh.

39 days left to AFA 2010.


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