Colleague farewell dinner~

Yep my colleague, Azel is leaving us and our team organised a farewell dinner for her.
She worked quite long in the company and now she is leaving us. LOL~
My boss kept giving the shuper sadded face when Azel shake hands with him. AHAHA!
Epic expression FTW.

Anyway, we went to Dallas.
Yes it is free dinner because big boss pay. EHEHEHE!!

Nice place huh?

Anyway the food.
Nabei super big portion prz.
I couldn’t finish it. T_T

And here’s me and Azel~

Gonna miss her.
Didn’t know her for long.
But she was in charged to train me on certain programs and during the times when she training me as she needa pass her works to me, we had fun.
She is so shuper nice and friendly.
No stress with talking to her.
Haiz but may good luck be with her and hope to keep in touch!

Anyway we went to sing K after the dinner.
Weird and funny.
Imagine the group consists of so many different race and language. LOL!
and when I started spamming my Jay Chou songs, everyone felt like killing me. =x
My manager also tried to sing Jay’s songs using French but failed. HAHAHA!!!
At first I thought it will be pretty awkward.
In the end, I was one of them who sang the most. *cough*

I guess one of the reason is I’m crazy, so I just fuck care.
Second is most of the girls are shy so they didn’t wanna touch the mic. (Yes I did tried to ask them to sing)
So in the end me and christy (the 变态 duo in the group) kept singing and shouting in the room.
ok image failed and chui.
But nvm, because my manager already knew and he went crazy too. HAHAHA!

owell, it was fun.
and I reached home at 3.30am.
KO-ed on my bed straight away after bathing.
and kenna swollen eyes the next morning. AWESOME-ness.



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