yea the event for the F1 thing failed.
Not that the driver is chui, (owell, he does look less shuai in person. =x)
but thanks to the fuck failed consumers. <_<
seriously, they are too dumb.
Looking for trouble and asking stupid questions.

Nevermind. Those who never come? WTF?
We have so many fucking requests for this event.
How can you fucking not be present when you are chosen?
Not to mention that you were being called and informed the day before?
FUCK. seriously, go and die pls.

Anyway, had a fun meeting with my manager and In-charge of the program.
We were brainstorming about new ideas and activities for the members.
so we came up with many crazy ideas. LOLOL.
but yeah the meeting was interrupted due to the F1 event.
so we gonna continue it again.
It was fun discussing.
And I agree with what my in-charge was saying.
Her pov are good and it makes sense. hur.

Me being lame in the meeting room before they came in. =x

ok random. \o/


What should I say or do to make you understand?
Maybe I have no right to interfere your life.
But is my position as a friend not enough to convey the message to you?
If that is the case, I guess that is all.
I have done my best and the rest shall depend on you.
It is your life afterall.

Maybe I should stop being like this.
No one cares anyway.
Why should I bother?
fuck it.


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