Busy day at work~

Yes it really is.
Thanks to this random F1 racer coming to our company,
I’m like some crazy bitch since monday. LOLOL.
Owell, he will be coming tml and I’m still wondering if I should take picture with him.
(But I don’t even know who the fuck he is? D8) *cough*

Anyway, I have been going home rather late recently. ZZzzzz.
I don’t know but my eyes are always sleepy and tired eventhough I slept really early the day before.
Am I getting old? OHSH-

ahhhh but company having lots of events soon.
Sounds really exciting.
But it means OT for me. T_T
I still look forward to it though, becos I’m part of the team. 8DDD

and YAYNESS, I managed to request a day leave next week!
I’m gonna go renew my passport. (okay yes fails to the max prz. till now still haven renew and still dare to talk about jap trip. OTL)
Ok la, finally ok?
Imma have a center parting hairstyle with shuper nerdy specs plus all my pimples and fats showing on my passport piccy.

ok joking.
I shall try to make it nicer since my IC and school pass CHUI-ed. LOL!
ok looking forward to next week. hur.
and yes, I should sleep more. @_@


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