My 7 Deadly Sins (?)

“Am I sinful?”

“Who do you think you are?”
I have never thought of letting you come into my life.
I will protect myself.
“You are nothing.”

“Why? Am I not good enough?”
Why did it get whatever I wanted?
I worked so hard but I don’t have that.
“If I can’t have it, neither should you.”

“I need more. Just give it to me!”
Not enough, I may not be able to finish all.
But, I wanna try everything.
“2 or 3 times more than usual please.”

“I can’t control. And you deserve it”
Because you are so dumb.
Eventhough I should not be wasting my time on you.
“I have to let you know I’m angry with you and make you realise how stupid you are.”

“I refuse to.”
Why must I waste my energy on such useless things?
There are better things for me to do, like sleeping.
“So stop making me do things I don’t like.”

“If given the choice, who won’t want it?”
I want everybody to know me.
I want everything and anything.
“I will never have enough of it.”

“I desire you.”
You will not be able to run away from me.
I need you and you need me.
“So stay with me.”

“Yes, I am.”
Bount to hell?


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