Gintama Photoshoot :

Beware of Those Who Use an Umbrella on a Sunny Day [要特別注意在晴天撐傘的傢伙]

Gintama © Hideaki Sorachi
7th August 2010

The battle of the Yato Siblings…

“I need to defeat him!”

“Hmph, too weak…(笑)”

“This is not possible…”

“Nii-chan is too strong.”

“What a nuisance.”

“I have told you before,”

“weaklings like you…are not needed.”


“(笑)…You ARE the weakling!”

“I see…”

“So you let the beast took over you?””

“This is getting interesting…(笑)”

“Because I can finally fight the stronger side of you, my sister.”


“This is fun, your speed is amazing… “

“Let’s have more fun!”

“You are always bullying me…Baka nii-chan.”


P.S. (笑)<–actually means (smile/smirk/laugh)
Cannot tahan liao.
I kept laughing when I type the (笑) parts. -LOL-
I couldn't think of anything else to put in there.
So pardon me with the crappy lines under the pictures.
I failed. OTL
I love this shoot. Really thanks to the photographers for making it happen~ =3
Reiko-dear and I have been planning it for very long before COSFEST.
There were actually suppose to be a video as well.
but *cough* due to unexpected problems *cough* we decided to discard the idea. T_T
Anyway I look forward to our other Gintama shoots. hurr. 8DDD

Hope you enjoy this set of piccys apart from my failed edits~ =3=


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