Blink Blink Desu~

^in Gin’s Gay voice* LOLOL!

Yes look at my blog background.
Retro FTW prz. =x
No la, I’m not too sure if it is just me or the trend now is blink?
owell, I meant in terms of Fashion. haha!

Whatever it is, I think it is time for me to change my blog header soon.
But argh don’t have a good pic to put.
My kamui face is kinda pissing myself off. LOL!

I decided to do one OC shoot soon.
I hope it will turn out alright.
if not it will be GG plus CHUI prz. T_T
Will go study on my make up.

Oh yeah, I must also start on my small accessories for AFA costume soon TODAY!
cannot drag anymore prz.
I forgot it is already SEPTEMBER.

omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg NO TIME!!!
I hope my Taobao orders are okay, especially the custom made shoes.
And my Kucos wig. NBCB what the fuck is the seller doing?!!!!
If this one got problem, AFA day 1 I shall go as a commoner liao. LOL!!!



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