I suddenly have urge…

…to cosplay / have photoshoot. =_=

waaaa herpes me!!!

ok random.
but just felt that got the urge to have a photoshoot. =x
Anyway, I ish too slow on my AFA costume.
I only completed a TOP!!!!

dead dead dead I’m so dead.
and budget super tight next month.
Gotta plan my expenses properly. T_T

Random pic of me:

hur cool effect hor?!
playing with the new image editing app on my phone. ohohoho! =x

Went to dear’s house yesterday to borrow her Hana Kimi manga.
OMGGGGG KYAAAAAA~ <–fan-girling mode on AGAIN

我的乐天派中津在哪里?!?!?!!! *cries*

totally random post.
craving for shoots. pulp-fiction. =_=


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