ok today’s life is shiok.
No govt at work. MUAHAHAHA!
Monday ain’t so bad leh. =x

but I’m doing work hokay?! haha!
anyway, drooling over my Nakatsu again. OHSI-
I had a dream and it was about him. WAAAA.
Don’t wanna wake up so early la. *struggles*

the emo side of him is damn shuai too.
WAAAAA don’t save me~~~ *fan-girling*

Going to steal dear’s mangas liao.
OHOHOHOHOHO! *gets stabbed*
and shit. my butt is still hurting. LOL!

owell whatever. lalalala~
so happy that the date for Jap trip is decided. wahahaha!
gonna start planning liao. HEH! 8DDDD


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