I chopped my hair…

and looked like a fucking idiot.
Conclusion is that I can and will never suit bangs. LOL!!!
my face is fat and round enough and this made it worse. tsk.
ok regretted. but owell, lucky it is not too short so I can still comb it to the side. HAHA!
if not worse come to worse, WIG. *cough*

ok not forgetting the daily deviantArt feature: (LOL!)

wonderful isn’t it? =3=
I will do it every post from now. it is nice~ XD
not much on cosplay I guess. more on random photography. hehe~
and I will usually relate it to my mood. hur.

I am shooooo happyyyyy przzzz! 8D
this week is a rather alright one. =3=

Natsu Matsuri tml.
TMD cannot go cos working.
this is called 自作聪明. T_T
self request to work tml. smart prz. OTL
but ok la, sun rest.
gotta start my costuming like TMD ASAP! ROAR!

I must make sure I finish at least the top and pants by sun.
then if possible, the small props and details for pinky.
ahhh eventhough it is alot of work, I really hope to see the outcome. =3=


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