Forget it~

I think from now on I will just mind my own business.
I don’t know why, but isn’t it right for you to handle your own things yourself?

ok fine yes I’m talking about cosplay.
I’m not too sure with how other people think.
But for me, I thought it was only right for me to settle my own cosplay stuffs myself (unless I really needed help) when I said I wanna cosplay it.
I make sure I can complete everything and be ready before the planned date.
Even if it is a cosplay that I’m not interested in and only joined because my friends asked me to.

yes. It may sound stupid as cosplay should be about bringing your favourite character alive.
but fuck it. when I cosplay that character, there must be some other reasons behind it. shall not elaborate more since it is not the main point.

I’m kinda pissed actually.
I don’t care if I ended up cosplaying alone, from now on, I don’t want to care anymore.
fuck it. Since you don’t want to show effort.
There’s nothing I can do.
Maybe it is just me treating this too seriously. But I’m disappointed.
And never come to me asking me to help you last minute when you had more than 1 month to prepare.
Just fuck off.

Not aiming at one single person, but a few.

anyway on a happier note:
I uploaded one of my Yamama shot! 8DDD

by FarizAsuka.

hehe. I looked chui but I loved some of Fariz’s takes.
so will probably up more soon. XDDD


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