My memories of Cosplays and Photography~

will be kept in here, my Flickr account. 8D

Yeppu, there are too many pictures from my past cosplays that I felt it will be a waste not to share it.
ok or maybe jus me being vain or zi-lian. tskkk
Especially when it will be damn annoying to upload so many on my dA. LOL!
or you can say that I just want a place to keep my old cosplay pics. owell~
whatever it is, here you go.
It is still under construction so I only uploaded those which can be found in my dA as well. HAHAHA!
will definitely update more when I have the time to dig everything out and do some minor editings before sharing. (YES PUTTING MY NAME THERE CAN?) -lol-

Anyway, it might not seem like it but I’m rather interested in photography.
owell, apart from the fact that I can’t even focus properly when helping my cousin take pictures during TGX. *gets stabbed*

yesh, one of my WTB is DSLR.
but definitely not this year if not someone will kill me. =x
anyway I will try to focus on photography too if I do manage to get one. OHOHOHO!
(also maybe when I’m no longer able to cosplay)
so bascially, when I have any pictures I took with my super noob skills which I think can be shared, I will upload it there too. hehe~

ok being random, some updates about my life and cosplay~
– still saving money for my Japan trip next year. yes, I MUST GO.
– still working, still satisfy with my job, still happy with my manager and boss. 8D (they super nice prz)
– haven been working on my AFA costumes due to laziness and shoots. I AM DEAD.
– had two shoots last two weeks, having another one next weekend. (and I hope it stops after tat as I really need to start working on my costume)
– still selling my stuffs, check out for-sale page prz.
– started another TAOBAO spree, check out batch-orders page prz.
– is still chionging FMA brotherhood. slow I know. OTL


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