Waaaa my manager left me…

Yes in the office because my manager left for meeting. LOL!

Anyway, finally created a thread on sgcafe on our Gintama KK shoot. (aka KamuiKagura)

~Beware of Those Who Use an Umbrella on a Sunny Day~

Yes will be having a special post of this on my blog as well when I’m done with all the images. LOLOL!!
pardon my lousy and fail editing.
Special thanks to Kula and Juju for the pics!
they are awesome prz~ =3=
Reiko-dear’s obi is beyond repair. OTL
my white sleeves too. LOL! (lazy to re-sew it)
but owell, it was worth it. we planned for it afterall. 8DDD *bloooooooood*

Check out our individual shots on dA too! =3=

hokay pics from the KHR shoot! opps I mean behind-the-scene pics!

me and dear aka chrome~ she looked so kawawii prz~

me and my shuai goku by lawliet~<3

me and deathjoker as lambo. omg he super cute!!!

me and juju. plus fariz as backdrop. HAHA!

me and yokey. he looked great as ryohei! XD

me and ivan aka miyamoto!

me and sochii, shuai hibaba~ wooohoo!

me and kulalalalalala~ =x

me and etsu~ special thanks to her for saikang-ing and taking care of our belongings!

me and Garion!

me and the taichou of the day, Stanman aka KUFUFUFUFU aka Mukuro. *gets stabbed*

amano and me. his expression… lol!

me and kyubei!! she dressed down before I managed to take pic with her as Tsuna! T_T

me and dear. dressed down and waiting for food. LOL!

yes the focus of the day, grilled pork and ice-milo. LOLOL!!!

a failed yamama~ =3=
tats it for now.


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