It was a busy week~

Oh yeah it really is.
had to meet my buyers during the weekdays to pass them the items.
meeting toky to borrow his Yama stuffs. (OMG TOKY-CHAN THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! =3=)
meeting dear to pass her chrome wig and to cut my Yama wig. (THANKS DARLING FOR HELPING ME CUT THE FAIL FAIL WIG~<3)

Met up with my crazy babes on sat for k-session~ wooohooo!

Thanks babes~
I miss ya all. lets meet up soon k?
and wendy, please take care.
take it as a learning experience and move on~
remember we are always here for you~ *chu~*

Had KHR TYL ver photoshoot on sun~

*everyone squeezing in to camwhore using goku’s gay phone. 8D*

Tsunayoshi Sawada (tsuna / jiudaime) by Kyubei
Hayato Gokudera (goku-chan) by Lawliet
Takeshi Yamamoto (mama) by viospace aka me
Lambo by deathjoker
Ryohei Sasagawa by Yokey
Kyoya Hibari (hibaba) by Sochii
Mukuro Rokudo (kufufufu) by Taichou of the day aka Stanman
Chrome Dokuro by Reiko aka dear

It was a really fun shoot!
despite me being the most fail and gay Yamama~ muahaha! 8DDD
and the scary weather when everyone is wearing the EPIC suit. (oh well, mukuro is wearing PVC cloak. HA!)
thats not the best part.
the most amazing thing is we have to climb up the stupid stairs and hills before reaching the shoot venue. =_=
owell, and conclusion.
I hate cosing characters with Katanas because I failz at holding them.

sadded. I also didn’t do research so I had trouble trying to pose. LOLOL!
thanks to stan for thinking poses for me. muahaha!
shall up pics next time when I get them. hur.
meanwhile, introducing my third child, Ginko.

I loved her. 8DDDD yes it is IPhone4


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