Fix Me.

It is really awesome to see beautiful works when I login to dA. XD
and I always have the habit of sharing the image on my blog. hahaha!

anyway today has been erm, boring? =_=
yep, and my wig came in the wrong colour. %$^#%@$#@!#
soooo, I gonna organise another batch order for Taobao.
Interested? Click here.

Okay I have new stuffs on sale too.
Will put up my Kamui costume and umbrella soon.
Someone’s gonna kill me. lol!!!
but if I dun get rid of it soon, someone even more powerful will kill me. D:

shuper busy this week.
schedule packed. forgot about shoot this weekend. =_=
ZOMG my taichou will kill me. LOL!!!
gotta go cut my wiggeh soon. tsk tsk.

I hope the shoot will be fun since there are more ppl. 8DDD
and sat I’m finally meeting my crazy bunch to go k!!! WOOOHOOO!
it has been so long. omg..
I’m all ready to sing all Jay’s song!!! <–still upset about the fact that she didn't get to go Jay's concert. T_T

ok damn sad. LOL!
nvm, shall have fun this week too. =3=
This year’s event seems to be earlier. OMG NOT GOOD!
How am I suppose to chiong everything before these dates?!!?!!



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