TGX 2010 Day 2

Yep finally! hurrr.
anyway after learning a lesson on the first day regarding expo toilets,
dear and I decided to do make up at home before going to the event. haa.
it was a better idea yesh. =D
anyway here we go~

Date: 11th July 2010
Time: 3.30pm
Venue: Expo Hall 6
Character: Kamiya Takashi, Original Character
Outfit: Short golden brown hair, white long sleeve shirt and black knitted vest, black pants and sneakers.
Weapon Prop: loliloli candy (AGAIN)
Weather: Super sunny and hot prz!! *faints*

Presenting my dearie aka girlfwen~ Fujimiya Reiko by Reiko.

pic by abu~

spammage of me and my girlfwen~

the reason that got me high,
SHIZU-SAMA IS THERE ON DAY 2!!! super happy prz. 8DD

me and windy! omg he super chio prz~

me and ayu~ we are both on OC-mode. =x

athensis chuu~ the Gintokis. =x

me and raciel~ ^^

Gintama Fans gather! ohoho!

me and holydust~ =3=

me and lynn. no idea why my face is like that. OTL

shuai-ge seras-v gets fangirls. LOL!!!

a time to molest blacklash again. 8D

my cosplay mate that day, lolilolied candy. hurr.

me, valda and shizu! ahh I miss valda since didn’t see her for a long time~ *v*

cvy and me. omg she so kawawii~ =///=

lenneth and me. sexy prz. *nosebleed*

melo and me. she super moe laa~~ kyaaa!

reiko, skye and me. skye kept stealing my lolipop. haha! ok she looked sexy that day so nvm. =x

ok thats it.
yep, forgot about epic pose again. =_=
I’m super happy and hyper today because it ish friday!!!
long weekend because of national day~
and having shoot tml!!! wooohooo!
have been planning for this shoot a super long time ago. (ok maybe not THAT long)
but yeah, excited prz. =3=
I hope everything goes well. heeee~


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