random again. 8D

It is rather saddenlng to read this while working at the deadly place. LOL

anyway, I’m feeling rather nua because it is friday today. 8D
and yep, I created a group on dA for GinxKagu~
Please take a look yeah?!

ok the group icon image belongs to its rightful owner.
It is just to fill the ugly empty space for now. LOL!
Imma gonna draw one myself when I get back home. =x

Anyway, I’m going for cloth hunting tomorrow AGAIN! *moneh flies*
and yesh, I hope the fur won’t be too expensive.

hmmm, gonna buy new phone too. hur.
finally, my phone is at its limits. T_T
iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4? >.<
ahhhhh cannot decide!!! -lol-


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