TGX 2010 Day 1

hokay, spamming of images again!
wooohooo. yep, I’m quickly updating the pics now before there are more accumulating. T_T
so here we go~~

Date: 10th July 2010
Time: 12pm
Venue: Expo Hall 6
Character: Ginpachi Sakata from Gintama 3Z
Outfit: White labcoat with blue shirt and black formal pants. Yellow tie and brown bedroom slipper. -_-
Hair: Permy silver white
Weapon Prop: Elizabeth fan, loliloli candy aka cigarette and JumpBleach Manga
Weather: Super sunny!! *faints*
Personal comment: I HATE EXPO.
Especially the toilets. Was doing make up half way in the failed toilet when someone came in and dropped a bomb. Me and dear almost died inside and we chiong everything in a few minutes.
This is the first cosplay that I only spent 15-20 mins on my make up and wig. LOL.
Owell, the people we met at the event made it still worth while. =D Eventhough someone wasn’t there. OTL
but nvm, I still had fun! =3=

Oshiete! Ginpachi-Sensei!!!

*cough* ok rewind. =x

Presenting GinxKagu~ woohooo!

My kawawii Kagura by Reiko~ =3=
Pic by Zee~

ok as usual, shots of me and my kagura~ hurr..
yep, lovey dovey shots wor. ohohoho!

Elizabeth came to have fun as well. =xxx
Kagura specs FTW! 8D

saw jojo first. hur~ she is sexeh as Fang~

den seras-v. shuai ge sia. hehe~

ven as gray~ *he stole my lolilolied candy! and he dropped it a total of 3 times at the event. =_=*

bro stanman. heh. the one who kept stealing my Elizabeth uchiwa. lol!

Gintama Fans FTW!! Athensis and Raciel~ =3=

Saw Holydust~ Hakuoki team wooo~

then jesuke! Must take piccy becos she looked super shuai~
and groofy photobombed! =x

KON!!!! OMG?!

The wonderfulness of taking pic with sexeh woman, Rina.
*opps, kagura cannot see this!!!*

okay so we dashed up to upper level to see if dear’s xxxx is here.
saw a bunch of awesome ppl there too so camwhore! hur.

MELO~ finally saw her. she is shuper kawawii prz! =3

the bian tai Skye~ kena scolded by her for not saying hi to her during cosfest. >.<
(okay I did saw her but she was surrounded so I couldn't get through. haha!)
anyway she looked damn pwetty too~ =3=

Verse~ super shuai as usual. heh!

waaaa! Kagura kena attacked by REM!!! WEI WEI WEI! *bankai* =x

hello, the real bankai guy is here leh. mai gei siao!
Max as bankai Ichigo! =3=

Sochii as Miku! pwetty prz~ wee u wee!

Lawliet as Kaito. shuai~ she and sochii switched place. XD
(with that mask I almost mixed up both of them. =_=)

me and toky! XD

okay so we went downstairs since we couldn’t find that person. haha!
Stan wanna help me style hair so we decided to head in the event first. *to our camping place, thanks to yokey!*

Taking pics while bro Stan helps me style my chui wig. T_T

saw sasuke-dragon aka S.D~ XD

OMG I WANT!! -lol-

yep we went out~ saw Ayu as sandplay Miku~ =3=
yes Gin-san super greedy, kapo goody bag and forgot to put it down when taking this pic. =x

YESH, the person that dear has been looking for! lol!
Lenneth as Luka. OMFG she chiong this outfit (and day 2’s) in just 2 days! *faints*
she looked super awesome prz. D:

Me and Lynn aka Kanasaiii~ hur.

Cvy!!!! =3= she looked kawawii~ =3

Ayu, me and Revive~ okay and elizabeth. =x

Yyumii~ =3= so happy to see her!!! hurr~

me and kaze-sama. hur. he looked kawawii. =x

ok again. my face in here is so kiam pah! HAHAHA!! blame Blacklash. =xxx

Me and Rieyn~ ^^

Kyubei~ =3 the awesome Zurako. haha! XD

Ash! finally saw him. and thanks to him for the mini photoshoot! XD
Eli appeared again. D:

Me, reiko, stan and ash. the naruto team 7 version. LOL!

the three long lost brothers. (don’t you think we looked alike? 8D)

okay, dead after the long and tiring event! T_T
unglam to the max. haha!

end of spam! XD
the only thing I regretted was not taking a pic of Gintoki’s epic pose! AHHH!!!
nvm, next time when I’m the ‘real’ Gintoki. =x

right, Day 2 post coming soon. XDDD


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