Miku Song in Chinese + Cosfest Omake

月·西江 (Moon of the West River)

日暮江水遠 入夜隨風遷
秋葉亂水月 疏影倚窗邊
夜末香未眠 尋花情已倦
愁上晚柳月 思念兩處閑
你的美 望穿東去流水
温柔怎耐長夜 瀾風冰雪
花見泪 灑落在飄~零間
滿山哭紅的葉 任風隨
晚風岸撫~柳~ 笛聲殘
看紅葉 秋色染
飄零滿江 千裏風~霜
扶手一行茉莉紗 不覺胭~脂傷
水依然長~流~ 莫相伴
夢已晚 秋水漲
雁字回時 愁斷人腸
山水 兩~茫茫
水~ 把琴聲淌

Lovely song isn’t it?
eventhough I’m still trying to figure out what miku is singing despite having the lyrics. LOL~
but I really loved the feel of the song.
and yes, I realised why I loved JayChou so much. HAHA!
Don’t you think this song is sooooo similar to Jaychou’s songs like 青花瓷? hurrr~
There’s another pretty similar song by the same author, 晓秋月明.
It is incomplete but I thought it was really nice too. XD

At first I was shocked that Miku has sang a chinese song!! O_O
I had a bad feeling initially but after I heard this song, I thought it was really nice.
there is actually some arguments regarding this song, on Nico.
Thats why the video is taken down. owell, racist issue obviously. =_=
but whatever, I felt talents like this deserves to have their works spread around. =3
so I’m sharing this. ohohoho~

erm there are some nice covers of this song.
do check them out. yes, their chinese is better. LOL!
anyway, I’m actually trying to learn how to sing this song. =XXX
it is sooo nice and yes, I have more confidence singing chinese than jap la duh.
but no, not gonna do a cover. just a random idea for myself. heh.

ok I realise I have been blogging EVERYDAY recently.
it is a good thing right? LOLOL!
ok so some updates here:
~ yes still selling my stuffs here. Please check it out or help to spread. XD
~ yes still having TAOBAO spree. Eventhough closing on 31st July. But I guess I gonna send order soon since got a shoot to rush and needed wigs. Email me if u wanna join this fast batch. XD
~ working on new cosplay of course, gonna buy cloth next week. OHOHOHO!
~ Having shoots soon for my Kamui and Kaito. hurr~
~ Work has been alright, fun to see stupid questions by stupid customers. =X
~ I’m spamming ALOT on twitter recently.
~ yesss. I’m starting to accept random people’s friend request on FB as I’m no longer active there so I dun care liao. LOL!
~ ALRIGHT I will update on events photos SOON. haha.
here’s a teaser for COSFEST Day 2 Piccy Spam. =DD

click image to zoom.

Long post again. hur.
stay tune. =D


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