Cosplay Sales and Taobao Spree ploz~

eh alrighty…
selling couple of stuffs here.
please help clear them.
good offers alright?
more than 50% discount sia. tsk.. my moneh arhhh

Naruto Shippuden Uzumaki Naruto Default / with Sage Mode Cloak

Naruto Shippuden Broken Youth Yukata

Air Gear Kogarasumaru Uniform

Bleach Shinigami 4th Captain Cloak

Bleach Shoujo S Orihime Inoue Uniform

Gintama 3Z Ginpachi Sensei

CCKids Short, Brown Black Mix *BRAND NEW*

CCKids Short, Pink *BRAND NEW*

CCKids Short, Blue Black Mix *BRAND NEW*

Short Light Blond

Short Silver White Spike


For more information please check the above page on For Sale or here for T&C. ^^

and I’m also organising TAOBAO SPREE.
closing on 31st July so please do email me if you wish to join. hurr~

yesh, if you know you want to buy it, EMAIL ME. hur.


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