COSFEST 2010 Day 1~

oh yes finally I have time for this. hur~
anyway, I shall post less text as this is image spam.
be ready yo. =3=
so here we go~

Date: 3rd July 2010
Time: 12.30pm
Venue: Downtown East
Character: Kamui from Gintama
Outfit: Male black Chang Shang with white pants
Hair: Reddish orange with braided tail and one thin bunch twinkling at top
Weapon: Umbrella LOL
Weather: Sunny at first, then raining in the evening

Reporting with my violent sister, Kagura by reiko~

pic by shishou Rescend.
yes, use super cool and nice pic first.
later will be all unglam pics. LOL!!

yes camwhoring of the siblings. tsk tsk. 8D

with darling Sam~ she joined the singing competition so didn’t cos with us.

well, the awesome person who I didn’t expect to see there!!! *flies*
Shizu-sama as Aya Brea~

ok with my bro, Ven as Natsu~

the sexy woman, Blacklash as Fang.

Lawliet as the kawawii Pichu~

shuai verse as kaito~ woohoo! didn’t catch her on day 2 though. D=

cubie as Gakupo~ glad to meet her. heh~

yes let me hear your scream, “SHUAI-GEEE!” -lol-
Kanasaiii as Hijikata. hurrr.

let me hear your scream again, “OMG MY HIJIKATA NOOOO!” -lol-

yes my scary imoto’s xxxx, Lenneth as Souji~ wooo sexy. *wiggle brows*

the shuai ge(s)~ ahh forgot to take pic with Jesuke, cosing as saitou~ T_T

Saku as Beatrice~

Xiaomei jermaine as Reno. he still looked gay. =xxx

Revive as Heisuke~~~ finally saw her in person. haha!

Cloud as ichigo!! ahh I’m so short. =_=

Max as ichigo!! LOL~

The GINTAMAs!!! eugene as gintoki and erm, not sure who is the hijikata. forgot to ask. =x

me and the chibi naruto. hurr..
no idea why the tobi is inside the pic. didn’t invite him to take pic though. HAHA!

the awesome awesome Onimusha as frankie!!!!
so happy to see him again and HE REMEMBERS ME! heh. =D

this is what happens when kagura went crazy.
or rather, lack of sleep. LOL!

last but not least, THE EPIC GINTOKI POSE!!
pic by Fariz~
yes we did it again.

ok this marks the end of day 1 post.
stay tune for day 2, when you can see lotsa my fats. heh!


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