To-Love seems so interesting…

Qn: What to do if you are feeling down and unhappy?


seriously, I feel SO MUCH better after watching Gintama parodies. =3
and yes, this is like so awesome.
Gin is always complaining that he is not popular with the girls.
But if you notice, he has got plenty of female chars falling for him in the series. =DDD
Eventhough this pv is kinda GinTae, but fuck care,
Hijikata at the ending made it worth to watch afterall. HAHAHA!

and yes, Gin belongs ONLY to kagura hor mind you! hurrr.
if you notice, the video still image of the above vid is kagura. thats y. HEHEHE!

Monday seriously sucks.
I kept yawning in the office.
save meeeeee. OTL
and omg, I have been eating non-stop.
WAAAAAAAA!! Fat fat me at cosfest liao. LOL!


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