The result of watching too much Gintama?
here you go:

darling sam was dragged in by us.
yesh, the awesome pose by Gintoki.
it only appeared like less than a sec from the game and screwdriver arc.
but it was so epic that I even went to print screen it. LOL!

unforgettable can?!
I think I’m so gonna do this pose every now and then when I cosplay. heh.

oh ya, I HAZ FREE MOBILE BROADBAND BY MY COMPANY! [insertsuperbigsmileyfacehere]
awesome can?!
thats y I kept lurking around during work

but hey, I’m doing work too can? *cough*
anyway work is great~
although it is scary as I gotta attend meetings and do presentations. T_T
but yeah, whole new experience.

and yes, I’m getting use to the scary morning time.
be proud of me please.
as I’m usually one who sleeps at 4am and wake up only after 3pm. *wigglebrows*
LOL!!! no problem with cosfest liao la. WAKAKA!

here, I’m allowed to have red hair and lotsa ear studs in office.
yet not allowed in best denki?
fuck you. LOL!

ok now I’m still loving my full-time job. HAHA!
and yes, cosfest prop is done like 60%~
everything is good.
looking forward to it eh. hehe~


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