StreetFest 2010

gotten all, well ALMOST all the pictures from streetfest this year~
it was yeah, fun. ^^

I did Orihime Inoue *stabbed self* from Bleach.
Version is the Bleach Opening 10, Shoujo S, uniform.

owell, thanks to Jojo aka Blacklash for inviting me to the group. =)

Pic by Kaze

Yumi as Matsumoto Rangiku
Blacklash as Kuchiki Rukia
viospace as Orihime Inoue

ok so went over to william’s house to do make up before heading to our photoshoot~
Things got chaotic half-way, shits happens. T_T
yep, as usual I was so super late so dear Fariz aka Miku-taichou waited 2 hours for us at the shoot location.
I’m so terrible.

anyway, while waiting for the cab to the shoot location,

LOL caught in the act. =x

me and yumi~
thanks to her for helping me with make up~

the trio~~

opps photobombed. O_O

ok again. pardon us, we are too bored while waiting. haha!

ok finally we got on the cab.
but eh yeah, CAMWHORE AGAIN!!! =x

ignore my fail face here. -_-

hur hur~

ok so shoot shoot shoot..
while waiting as Jo is taking her solo shots.
yumi and I camwhored!!! LOL!! *I know you are getting tried of this. ha!*

Yumi intended to photobomb me while I do my make up.
but I saw and managed to pose before she snap. heh..

normal expression~

making funny faces. LOL!

shoot pics will be updated as I haven receive them from the photographers~
but thanks to the photographers,
Fariz aka Miku-taichou
Rescend aka Omake-sama

ok EVENT!!!
we headed to the event after makaning~ =3=
met up with my darlings~

me and dearie Reiko~

me and darling Sam~

Aunty Orihime here. OMG FAILED.
and OMG at Kula!!?!?! hahaha!!!

Met lotsa people there~
and yeah, there were lots of vocaloid cosplays.
anyway piccys again~

me and Holydust~

me and Kanasaii aka Lynn~

me and kawaii RinxLen, by Horuobles and Foooooji~

me and bishe Reiyu aka Verse~

me, Jo and CutePetz~

ok, I seriously have no idea when this pic was taken but OMG MY FACE?!?!?! *failed* LOL!!!

this was when Elpheal aka Kaika got some of the cosplayers to gather and take pic for the Worldwide Cosplayers Photo Activity~

ok so before I decide to change out (becos my contacts are really dry. T_T), we went to take puri puri! =3=

making use of the epic studio lights of the machines. HAHA!

me and Aya~

me and dearie and darling again~<3

this marks the end of piccy spam. =x
I hope you dun die from my scary face. MUAHAHAHA!
photoshoot pics SHOULD be coming soon. erhem..
owell, meantime some random notes:

– Cosfest is like 16 days away and my Day 1 prop is not even touched yet. Wigs are not cut and trimmed yet. OH MY GOSH! *screams*
– I have a shoot this week AGAIN!! and as usual, nothing done yet. *cough* my taichou’s gonna kill me. T^T
– I started watching new anime! finally yo? so long after Gintama. yessss.
– I got a full-time job!! WOOOHOOO! gonna start work next week! XDDD means even lesser time for cosplay.ROAR.


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