whew finally event~

like finally, Streetfest 2010 is over~
owell, it was a nice event, the weather ain’t very bad.
met lots of people. HA thats what events are for I guess.

shall update more when I get the piccys I took from jo. ^^

anyway regarding the SASA photoshoot on 12th June 2010~

I dun have any decent picture from the shoot yet since I’m just the SKW. LOL!
but I still wanna kaypo la hor, so photogs, QUICK EH.. muahaha!

here are my lousy takes from my HP. *wiggle brows*
yeah, the behind the scene…

my job: to protect all these. =x

the cosplayers:
Reiko as Haruno Sakura
Sam as Uchiha Sasuke

the photographers:
Fariz Asuka aka Miku-Taichou
Judas aka Bacon-sama

*snap* *snap* *snap*

ok random, but Japanese Garden ish pwetty. *v*

yeah thats all I have. =x
stay tune for Streetfest 2010 report!!! =3=
here’s preview piccy~


ok done-d. =3=


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