WOOOOOOO like whut?!

suddenly everything just started bombing up without enough time for me to breathe. PHEW~
anyway, went as a SKW for dear and darling shoot~
they will be heading to tml’s event as the same character~~ =3=

yes tomorrow is STREETFEST 2010~~~
still remember last year’s was like OMG~
I guess it was considered the first event I start to cosplay? =3
*trying to forget about bad memories*

owell, will update more next time as I’m dying here trying to type something so I won’t join two different post together. LOL!
anyway, my turn to have shoot tml~ LOL!!

oh yeah, in case u are wondering,
I will be shooting BEFORE the event.
so gotta wake up like super crazy early tml. *so what am I doing now? -_-*

ok I will keep it simple.
the character I’m cosing tml is inside this video.

try to locate me if u are going to the event too. LOL!!!
JYA!!!!!!! *dies*


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