video fails

WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!! *ok random, but I love Gin like this. MUAHAHAHA!*

well ok, I finally have the courage to upload my 30 sec chui pv to youtube. LOL!!!
yes, I did the cosplay version of the original Hatsune Miku Saihate PV.

If you are ready to get your mind blown off or eyes burned by my chui and fail Miku cosplay,
feel free to view the 30 sec preview here.

owell, I think I’m gonna get cut down by lotsa Miku fans. *runs*
I did it out of erm.. fun? *gets slapped*
ok la, part of the reason is because I really loved this song.
then the main reason is I wanna learn how to use the video editing programme.
*not window movie maker ah mind you!* LOL!!!

Lets not talk about the cosplay~ *cough*
but do help me see what I can do to improve the vid.
It is still in progress as I’m still drawing those arts and making those scary animations. ZZzzz.
I know the beats of the speakers are off.
But I’m lazy to change it. T_T *gets kicked*

ahhh whatever..
Don’t die from the vid ah.
Let me warn you, you still gotta survive till the full version one.
EHEHEHEHEHE~ *evil laughter*


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