went for sushi buffet today~ WOOHOOO!

mama~ lol her face again. XD

bro~ eating a plate of dunno-what. O_O

NARUTO~~~ =3=

we waited super long after ordering and only this plate of takoyaki arrived. -_-

2nd sis~

Big sis.. woooo sushi(S)~ XD

2nd sis and bro~

finally me and my beloved salmon-san~<333

I’m becoming some scary bitch.
after the buffet, I bought tons of tibits (ok becos they are darn cheap, $2 per packet sia!)
*aunty-fied* anyway, I also ate mua-chee and banana cake. OMG.
fats fats fats… I can feel them all over me… *starts squeezing fats* =_=

anyway so many shoots coming up soon. OMG!
I haven trim my wigs!!!! *went crazy*

owell, so glad that I’m able to update my blog so often.
(basically it is just becos I got nothing better to do at home. OTL)
I hope after I get a job I will still be able to~
it is so fun to record every part of my life. (lol at least to me. HAHA!)


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