ok yes Hatsune Miku! ROAR!

yes yes, I did Hatsune Miku for sat’s shoot.
I know what you are thinking. O_O


anyway, here’s a pic by Fariz~

Alot of thanks to him for being patient with me while I figure out how to be more feminine. LOL!
and being part of my SKW by adjusting my hair every 5 sec, holding my props and helping me up when I sat on the floor too long and couldn’t get up myself. *major fails plz* HAHA!

One of the best photographer I have ever met since I started cosplay~ SANKYUU MIKU-TAICHOU! =3

More pics to be updated.
Do check out my dA then~ =x

Thanks to:
Joann for the miku wig and default costume~
Jer xiaomei for the electronic guitar~
Kula for teaching me how to act cute and all the funny moments~


Special thanks to my dearie Reiko for:
– Black blazer and white long sleeve shirt
– Vase
– Helping me with make up
– Accompanying me / being my SKW

She was also having photoshoot on that day. (OH YA WE SHARED SHOOT LOCATION LOL!)
Check out her dA~
she did an adorable Enma Ai la~ I JEALOUS BECOS SHE GOT BIG EYES *pouts*

so pweetty right? *blinks blinks* =DDDD

ok anyway we are selling off the enma ai outfit. =x
check out my FOR SALE page. ehehehe~

Went to have dinner at MOS before we end the day.
Met kula’s bf. *cannot stop laughing* =xxx
it was a fun shoot.
but yeah, it also proved that I can’t act cute or be feminine.
I’m so manry in the photos. T_T

ok ending this post with me and dearie~ (off cosplay mode) LOL!



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