erm yeah~ lol!

ok random title.
I dunno why.
sorry for the lack of updates.
been busy with dunno-what. O_______O

anyway, had a shoot on sat~
it was fun and awesome!!!
Many thanks to Fariz for coming to the shoot~ =3=
He is my photographer and SKW. HAHAHA!
and my dearie reiko, eventhough she is also shooting that day. LOL!
alot of thanks to joann for lending me the wig and costume. *cough*

I think I seriously failed badly.
owell, I dunno but it was CHUI.
I can’t act cute. T_T
I’m too manly. OMG KILL ME!!!

anyway I’m editting the vid for this shoot.
ehehe, it was tough.
I drew over 100 images (ok, trace. LOL!) for this vid. *went crazy*
the vid is only half done.
I didn’t do a good job as part of the reason is I failed as the character. OTL
second, I’m still figuring out how the edit programme works. LOL!

ok, and yep I didn’t do anything for my cosfest cosplay.
OSHIT. O___________O
I shall start tml.
time is running out. T_T


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