Cosplay Process – Jigoku Shoujo

eh random and bored.
I shall present my second cosplay process~ lol!

Jigoku Shoujo.
ONLY on the straw doll. HAHAHAHA!!!
Becos the costume was bought so erm, no tutorial for that. =x

Metal Wire
Knitting thread (thick ones preferred)
Red thread
Masking Tape / Any sticky tape

Step 1:
– Prepare your wire.
– Bend it into the shape of the doll. (you decide the size. haha!)

Step 2:
– Tape the center of the doll to keep it firm. Also to hold the ends.

Step 3:
– Cut the thread. Make sure you cut a bunch of it.
Try to keep it to the same length.

Step 4:
– Yes, Measure the length of the doll.
Cut extra so you can trim it if it is too long. (Start with the horizontal side of the doll)

Step 5:
– Tie the middle of the doll with the bunch of threads.
Use the same black thread to tie so it can blend in.
Make sure the whole wire is covered with the threads.
– Then tie the two ends to stable it.

Step 6:
– Trim the ends so it looks neater. ^^

Step 7:
– Repeat the steps for the vertical side.
Make sure you have more threads for this as it has to be halved for the legs.

Your straw doll is done!
Add in the red thread and you are ready to get some revenge. =x

Showing my bracelet,

Total time taken to do this two things: 2 hours.

A picture of my cosplay:

oh ok you can’t really see the doll here but this was one of my fav pic from my shoot. LOL!

ok thats all~
hope this helps.
do feel free to comment if you have any questions.
I will try to answer them. ^^


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