Happy Birthday Mama Part 1~

爱你 爱你 爱你 爱你 爱你 爱你 爱你 啦~~~<3

ok mama’s birthday today~

went to eat sakura buffet for celebration. LOL~
but first of all, let me announce that I went to cut my hair again.
yes, I cannot stand it anymore.
and this time, it was shorter than before. ahaha!!!

I’m gonna bleach it tml~ =x

ok pics spam!

on the way… was raining. tsk tsk.

camwhore. =x


my bro~


2nd sis and her husband, alex~

da jie aka BIG sis. LOL!!!

papa~ O_O

papa and mama~

the kawaii bunny bao~

OMG!! it has been eaten by the monster! LOL~

ok dessert!!!!!!! SWEEEEEEEEET~ =3=

dango desu~ *trying to show ‘gin’ face* =x


after! =x

ice-cream~ this was done by my bro. nicely done, ROUND.

mine. CHUI. I failed… OTL (ok la hor, they will look the same after digestion right? LOL!)

ok thats it, we are FULL. T_T

take piccies while resting. LOL!!

rocker!! woohoo!

unglamssssssss. tsk tsk.

on the way back~ me and papa!

me and 2nd sis~


mum’s epic face. HAHA!! she’s rejecting me. T_T

whats up?!

me and bro. my mum say we look alike. LOL!

camwhore again. =x

ok end of spam~
part 2 will be cake session. LOL!!!

JYA!!! =3=


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