random updates~

ok, it has been a while since I went shopping for NORMAL stuffs. LOL!
yes, I have been shopping for cosplay stuffs recently. tsk tsk. >.<

anyway went to bugis with sis after passing lens to jer and wilson.
bought afew things. muahaha~
went to eat awesome/delicious food. =3=

the place~~ we reached late so there ain’t much people makaning anymore. =x

ehehehe~ they were there too. LOL!

my second sis~

the both of us. using my sis’s cam tats y quality sucks. LOL!


my drink, choco milk with ice-cream and mashmellows. =3=

dessert~ ok it looks unglam here. LOL!

tadaaaaa~ choco chessecake with icecream. WAAAAAOOOOOO~

ok done-d~
been lazy to sew my costume. ROAR~
have lotsa plans too, omg my pocket. T_T


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