Cosplay Process – Claymore

ok erm, being random..
I decided to show some of my cosplay process from the past~
also serve as tutorials if you think it helped you. =x

yes, I’m gonna start with Claymore since this is the FIRST cosplay that I actually start making almost everything myself~
and it is also the FIRST that made me died after doing everything. LOL!!!

ok so here I go~~

For Armor~
Craft foams sheets (amount will be on how much you think you will need.)
White Glue
Paint Brush
Drawing Materials
Masking Tape

*We have decided to use fabric instead of paint as we couldn’t find SUPER SHINY chrome effect.
and we managed to find this awesome beautiful chrome looking cloth that can be used for claymore. XDDD

Step 1:
this is actually for the armor at the waist area.
I will explain more for the shoulder armors later~
and as I’m using fabric, it will be a tutorial using fabric instead of spray.
you can check out here for an awesome craft foam armor tutorial~

– Draw armor pattern onto the craft foam sheet. (or trace on a piece of paper first)
– Cut out the piece.

Step 2:
– Cut a piece of fabric that is enough for the armor.
Remember to have excess at the sides so you can glue it.

Step 3:
– Paint glue to the piece and glue it with the cloth.

Step 4:
– Trim the cloth so that is is similar to the shape of the piece. (Remember to have EXCESS cloth!)

Step 5:
– Cut the excess sides of the cloth into stips like this:

this helps when you are gluing the sides to the back of the piece as it allows you to control the shape.

Step 6:
– Glue the sides with paint brush.

Step 7:
– Stick the strips to the back, make sure that it stays in the shape of the piece.

This is how it looks when you complete:

leave it to dry…

Your Armor piece is done!

Repeat the Steps for the rest of the armor piece.

The chest armors.

Use masking tape to stick if the glue is not sticky enough.
Yes, this takes more time than using spray but as I mentioned, we couldn’t find super shiny chrome spray that’s why we used this method. ^^

As for the shoulder armors, I’m sorry no pictures. T_T
but you can stick wire to the foam sheets and bent it to the shape.
after that, use the same method to glue the fabrics on.
it is more difficult because of the shape, but you should get use to it after gluing so many. O_O

Our Sword~
special thanks to yokey for helping too.

Material used:
– Body:
~ Extruded Polystyrene also known as Pink Foam
~ Wall putty (Fill holes on surfaces)
~ White Emulsion paint (To protect foam from melting after spraying. so make sure you paint the ENTIRE body before spraying. Apply more layers just in case.)
~ Silver Spray

– Handle:
~ PVC pipe
~ Cardboard (for the ‘wing’)

A Picture of my cosplay:

LOL!!! I looked weird. =_=

More patterns for armor cosplay:

ok thats all~
hope this helps.
do feel free to comment if you have any questions.
I will try to answer them. ^^

will update other cosplay process when I have the time. =x


8 thoughts on “Cosplay Process – Claymore

    • hey! I’m so sorry but I didn’t get the name of the fabric at the time when I bought it. DDD:
      I jus happen to see it at the fabric store. Perhaps you can try to ask the store owner?
      It is a soft type of fabric, quite similar to satin but shinier. ^^

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